Richland County Coroner’s Cadet Program is accepting applications from students who have an interest in learning about Medicolegal Death Investigation and Forensics through the lens of the Coroner’s office. During a 2-week program, students who are selected to participate will learn investigative concepts and have simulated hands-on experiences. Topics such as Death Investigation, Forensic Science, Body Recovery, and Connection with Grieving Families will be covered.

The minimum qualifications for the Coroner’s Cadet Program are:

Must be a current 9th -12th-grade student in Richland County
Must have permission from parent or guardian to participate
Must have a recommendation letter from a teacher, or school staff member
Must have the desire to learn about death investigation

If you meet all of the requirements above, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the scholarship application
  2. Obtain at least one recommendation letter from the above-mentioned professional
  3. Include a copy of your current high school transcript
  4. Complete the “Coroner Cadet Essay”
  5. Upload ALL required documents and submit them with your application to be sent to Richland County CONNECT Team

“Coroner Cadet” Essay Requirements:
Your essay must be (150-200 words in length, in 12-point font, and single-spaced)

  1. Briefly describe your interest in being a Coroner Cadet
  2. Reflect on how your participation as a Coroner Cadet will have a positive impact on you
  3. Describe how this program may have a positive impact on your community

Your uploaded packet must include ALL of the following: (Incomplete packets will not be accepted)

  1. A COMPLETED application form
  2. At least one recommendation letter
  3. Copy of high school transcript
  4. Essay

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