Community Burial Ceremony

We invite you to join us in a solemn and heartfelt ceremony to honor and remember the lives of our dearly departed. The burial ceremony, supported by Eastminster Presbyterian Church Choir, will take place on Sunday, June 23, 2024, from 2:00-3:00 PM at 779 Old Clemson Road, Columbia, SC 29229.

Order of Service:

  • Musical Prelude by Eastminster Presbyterian Church Choir
  • Welcome by Jeff Black, Deputy Coroner, Community Relations
  • Prayer & Words of Comfort by Dr. Brad Smith, Senior Pastor, Eastminster Presbyterian Church
  • Calling of the Names Buried Today by Naida Rutherford, Coroner
  • Musical Selection by Eastminster Presbyterian Church Choir
  • Reflections from Family Members
  • Closing Remarks by Naida Rutherford, Coroner


Veronica Clay (1973-2021) Kazuyo Lyle (1934-2022) Dre’Von Riley (2006-2023) Crystal Williams (1981-2023) Wilbur Williams III (1959-2023) Carl Licker (1947-2024) Raymond Pratt (1964-2024) Veronica Hagans (1958-2024) Joseph Walker (1966-2024) Lola Brake (1978-2024) Phyllis Migliorino (1932-2024) Keith Somers (1962-2024) Kathy Thompson (1953-2024) Marian Ballew (1955-2024) Bobbi Lee (1958-2024) Steven Joyner (1959-2024) Arthur Milligan (1940-2024) John Hjort (1948-2024) Mark Chapiesky (1961-2024) Robert Brown (1956-2024) David Earnhardt (1955-2024) Margie Dreher (1939-2024) Johnnie Wall Jr. (1984-2024) Nancy Dixon (1961-2024)

This ceremony is a time for family, friends, and the community to come together, reflect, and pay respects to those we have lost. We hope you will join us in this moment of remembrance and support.

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