Coroner Naida Rutherford

Naida Rutherford is the Richland County Coroner. Prior to being elected as Coroner in 2020, she was a nurse practitioner and entrepreneur. Naida has lived in Columbia, SC since she came here as a homeless teen. She worked multiple jobs to put herself through school and eventually became a nurse practitioner. Her early career was spent in the emergency department at Lexington County Hospital. She worked tirelessly to help patients and families deal with trauma and sudden death.


Terri Abney
Courtney Rice
Courtney Jones
Ethel Green
Kristen Neilson


Anthropology Department:
Dr. William Stevens
Dr. Madeline Atwell
Rachel Baker


Autopsy/Evidence Deputy Coroners:
Christianna May-Kelly
Amber Asouzu
Ricky Montgomery
Zemulus Dozier


Chief Deputy Coroners:
Crystal Prochaska (Dee Dee)
Harry Rutherford


C.O.N.N.E.C.T. Team:
Dr. Crystal Stafford
Cicely Martin


Deputy Coroners:
Derrick Brantley
Devin Cooper
Terrell Grant
Kimberly Simpson
Shawn Sears
Ashley Gurganious
Asia Moss
Jazmine James
Cierra Dove
Susan Moore-Cooke
Lemuel Kennedy (Tony)
Patrick Robinson (Andy)
Katherine Collins (Amber)
Elizabeth Jacobs (Jordan)
Robert Marley (Rob)
Jeffrey Black


Public Information Officer:
Jeffrey Lampkin


Christy Brazell


Veteran Liaison:
Shawn Sears


Child Fatality Coordinator:
Ashley Gurganious


Field Training Officers:
Amber Collins
Ashley Gurganious

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